Pastor Cynthia Otieno. A wife, mother and relationship coach

Nothing about Cynthia today would tell you that for a long time she was shy and reserved living in the shadow of her elder sister. Lively, animated and cheerful she is warm and welcoming with a sunny personality. The lady who describes herself as a relational midwife dreamt of living her life through the books she would write. She saw herself as Cynthia Hunter the writer of children’s stories. Her transformation for the teenager who longed to print her first newspaper to a pastor called to lead women renewal has taken due course. The 3rd born in a family of 4, she wondered in awe how her sibling and parents captured peoples’ attention through their conversations.

Moving to study and live abroad with her elder sister, she enjoyed the diversity of personalities and cultures that she interacted with through her sister Shiro. Her caterpillar to butterfly moment happened when her sister got married and move on away to a different part of the count. Her personality and presence came out of her she. This was a defining moment for her as paid homage to her free sprit feeling liberated unshackled and unrestrained. Cynthia loved women, and this drove many towards her eventually her leading her to start a weekly meeting.

As she lived loved and laughed, a pain tormented her heart. The pain of broken relationships;  broken marriages. At 24, at a cross roads in her life, she found herself at the intersection of her passion and her pain. Her calling to serve women begun: her mission, ‘to be a healing well where women come to dip themselves’. Cynthia says God humoured her by ordaining her as a pastor with no theological training. She refers to herself as a Kikuyu girl who was not up and ready to quit her job at a telecommunications firm to become a full time pastor; “it just didn’t get the bill paid”.