Pastor Cynthia Otieno. A wife, mother and relationship coach

For eight years she kept working at her job while working on her passion to reach out to women on the weekends. Finally in her mid 30s she took the plunge packed her bags and moved back home living behind 13years of the only adult life she knew. Newly married, pregnant with her husband starting off a business and job or pay check to her name, following her passion was the last thing on her mind. She needed security, safety and comfort of steady income. That was not forthcoming so she took up a volunteer(it was a full time position paid) position at a local church that got her to learn about the Kenyan woman at the time. Her pain, her needs, her longings, her dreams hopes and desires.During her maternity leave, she had question about her new roles arose. This she says was the same question women had despite their location or economic backgrounds. La-mead Womens Network was born. La-mead which in Hebrew means to ignite was was founded in February 2012.

Encased in a 5 foot 1 frame is a woman passionate about Purpose and Transformation. Cynthia’s teaching background allows her listeners to remain engaged and inspired. Her years as a Pastors has equipped her to know that transformation is hidden in the workings of God our maker and Creator and God is the source of her being.

She is a mother of 2 beautiful daughters and a loving supportive husband Donald Otieno. Together they have purposed to equip and ignite transformation couples.