Company Overview


La-Mead Network Trust was founded in February 2012. The word “lamead” is Hebrew means to Ignite. Lamead is a novelty concept geared at women empowerment through ways that engage the women, not by outreach, but by being part of their day to day lives.

The idea behind this is proactive conformity and by this, La-Mead Woman reaches the woman by weaving ourselves into the modern woman’s routine and no routine activities so that we not only reach them; we become a part of their lives.


A woman has to be able to uncover and address all inhibitions and find herself first in God.

At Lamead Network we have discovered that for a woman to fully unleash her fullest potential/Spark, she has to go back to the source. Her spark is not identical to anyone else’s. It is unique to her. Our purpose is to help the woman to discover this Spark and remain ignited.

The Lamead Woman is cosmopolitan; she is forward thinking and a trend setter in society. She has a ‘can do’ factor under her belt. As a little girl she has many influences that define who she identifies herself with. She has given herself roles based on what society/the world has exposed her to. Depending on her family, culture and geographical area of upbringing, she gets into a social dilemma. The dilemma is that those that are probably defining her role are also in the same uncertain predicament. Their statements are ” A woman’s place is in……” she will complete it swiftly and efficiently based on what she has observed and been taught.

The Lamead Woman uncovers and address all inhibitions and finds herself first in God- Saleh. This is the beginning of finding her bearing going back to the source, the originator; the CREATOR. He is the one who has the original design plans for his original intent on his product. Only then will the woman be able to properly define her purpose, her power and role as woman.

To equip the woman with God’s original intent by enriching her on her significant role in society.

To empower, educate and nurture every woman to achieve her fullest potential in Africa and the world.