Isaac and Lilian

On Couples Bootcamp Season 3

“Lilian and I have been married for 17 years. We have had our ups and downs but our marriage has been generally smooth. However, since last year, we have each become busy in our respective jobs. This has meant we have little time for each other and this has brought resentment in the relationship. We tried to talk a number of times but no breakthrough was achieved. It reached a point when we felt we needed help. As we were mulling where to go for help, I remembered the boot camp. I suggested to Lilian, she accepted, we came. Note that we are Ndoa facilitators ant Mavuno church. The journey to our second chance started when we shard with each other our offenses. The session where we left offenses at the cross was quite something. The best part was appreciating each other’s strengths. At the end of it, I was ready to start again. We also got to bind with amazing couples. The whole experience was fun. We would recommend this experience to all couples regardless of their stages in marriage.”

Joyce and Yasser

On Couples Boot camp season 2

We gained perspective on how to handle relationships beginning with our own relationship with each other. We developed a new respect and appreciation of each other. We realized that we needed help to tackle some issues and hence engaged a mentor couple to walk with us. We thank God we are making good progress.”

Eric and Nzilani Mulati
On Couples Boot camp season 2

“Marriage is a beautiful institution but sometimes the beauty is not seen largely because it’s made up of two imperfect people. I thank God for the amazing opportunity to inspect and grow our marriage through #marriagebootcamp facilitated by the lovely couple Cynthia Wambui Otieno and Donald Otieno. We attended the boot camp 3 months ago and our marriage was highly enriched. We appreciate each other more and we are now more in tune in achieving God’s purpose for our marriage.”